Why Bearing Spacers Really Matter?

Bearing spacers are a critical component of any bearing system and should be used whenever there is a change in the dimensions of the bearing. These spacers help to maintain the integrity of the bearing and prevent it from becoming misaligned or damaged. They also ensure that the bearings move smoothly within their confines and reduce friction between the bearing and its housing. 

In this article, we will cover why bearing spacers matter and what type of issues arise when you don’t use bearing spacers. Let’s dive in.

Why Bearing Spacers Really Matter?

What Are Bearing Spacers Used For? 

Bearing spacers are a small, cylindrical device that is inserted between the inner and outer races of a bearing. They are used to maintain the proper spacing between the races and to keep them aligned. If the races are not properly aligned, it can cause the bearing to wear out prematurely. Bearing spacers can also be used to adjust the preload on a bearing.

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Why Bearing Spacers Are Important? 

Bearing spacers are important because they keep bearings apart. This is necessary to ensure that the bearings can rotate independently of each other. If the bearings were not spaced apart, they would rub against each other and eventually wear down. Bearing spacers also help to keep the bearings aligned correctly.

Why Bearing Spacers Are Important? 

Moreover, this can help to extend the life of the bearings and improve the performance of the bearing assembly. They can also help to keep dirt and debris out of the bearing assembly, which can cause damage.

Common Issues Arise When Not Use Spacers 

When your skateboards don’t come up with spacers, you are more likely to experience a number of issues.

Chattery wheels

Chattery wheels are a common issue on vehicles that don’t use spacers between the wheel and the hub. When the wheel is not properly supported by the spacer, it can start to chatter as it rotates. This can cause significant damage to both the wheel and the hub, and can also lead to poor vehicle performance. If you’re experiencing chatter in your wheels, be sure to have them inspected by a professional to determine if spacers are necessary.

Loud bearings:

Loud bearings are often the result of not using spacers. When the bearings are not given enough room to spin, they rub against the axle and create a loud noise. This problem can be easily avoided by using spacers to create the necessary space between the bearings and axle.

Common Issues Arise When Not Use Spacers 

Bearing explosions:

When bearings are not used with spacers, the shaft and bearing can come into contact. This can cause the shaft to deform, which in turn will cause the bearing to explode.

How Should a Bearing Spacer be Installed?

When installing a bearing spacer, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Inspect the shaft for any damage that may cause the spacer to fail. If there is damage, it must be repaired before installing the spacer
  2. Apply a light coat of grease to the shaft and then install the spacer
  3. Install the new bearing on top of the spacer
  4. Apply a thin coat of grease to the bearing and then install the cap or nut on top of the bearing
  5. Tighten the cap or nut until it is snug against the bearing. Do not over-tighten

What Varieties of Spacers Are There?

Spacers are an important part of a bearings and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They help keep the bearing in place and keep it moving smoothly. There are many different types of spacers available, so it’s important to know which one is right for your bearing in the skateboard wheels.

What Varieties of Spacers Are There?

The most common type of spacer is the washer. It is made from metal or plastic and has a hole in the middle so that it can be attached to the bolt that holds the wheel in place. There are also cassette spacers, which are used to space out the cogs on a cassette hub. These spacers are usually made from plastic or aluminum and come in different sizes to fit different hubs.

There are also chainring spacers, which are used to space out the chainrings on a crank set.

What Skateboard Bearing Spacer Size You Should Choose?

The size of the spacer is important. If you choose the wrong size, it can cause problems with your skateboard. The most common size for a skateboard spacer is 8mm. This size will work for most bearings. However, there are some exceptions. Some bearings require a 9mm spacer, while others require a 7mm spacer. 

If you are not sure what size to use, it is best to go with the 8mm spacer. This size will work for most bearings and it is easy to find.


Bearing spacers play a significant role in the overall performance of a bearing. They help to keep the bearings cool, regulate oil flow, and reduce friction. By ensuring that your bearings have the right spacer, you can improve the lifespan and efficiency of your equipment.

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