Naomi Home Venice Portable Seat Review

I always love to spend my time at the pier whenever I get the time. Sitting on the reclining seat with armrest in the park also makes my mind fresh. Again, many people are used to spending the time with their kids running on the field. However, you can’t stand or sit on hard surfaces like bleachers, benches for a long time. Here I recommend you to buy a portable reclining seat to sit with full comfort. Reclining seats are very much handy as you can sit with relaxing and take them to anywhere easily. These are also known as stadium seats. I have done intensive research on this related topic and found one best among all the stadium seats. 

Naomi Home Venice Portable Reclining Seat is fully featured with exclusive facilities. You can fold it, hold with a single hand and take it to any pier, park, field, theater etc. place. Those who have problems with their body type and weight while seating on metal or wooden bleachers, this portable best reclining seat is for them. The well-finished structure, weight capacity, back storage, folding etc. features are the reasons to choose it. 

Suppose, you are having aches on your bum, lower back sitting on the rock-solid default chairs. You should set high-quality stadium seat like Naomi Home Venice to avoid the redundancies. No matter you are thin or fat, this seat will hold you properly to give more attention towards your favorite team or kids playing on the field. The extra space of this seat and the armrest can make you feel you are resting at your home.

Naomi Home Venice Portable Reclining Seat Review

Why Should You Use It? 

Naomi Home Venice Portable Reclining Seat with Armrest is a single chair, easy to carry and store. Packaged in a small box, the chair is very lightweight. In addition, this recliner chair can be moved easily from one room to another due to its lightweight. The chair is made up of polyester fabric and has a wide backrest. The armrest is padded and can be adjusted according to your comfort. 

More importantly, Naomi Home Venice Portable Reclining Seat is a product that can be used by both young and old. Originally, it was designed for comfort and convenience. Many people prefer using this chair because it is durable and has an attractive design that will blend in well with other furniture pieces.

Features of Naomi Home Venice Portable Seat:

Naomi Home Venice Portable Reclining Seat with Armrest has many features that make it stand out from the rest of the chairs on the market today. Let’s check the features.

Innovative structure:

Sturdy steel frame under the long-lasting polyester covered cushion makes you interested using this reclining seat. Royal blue color of this stadium seat is very much stylish and suits any place. You can easily spend hours on this seat with full relaxation.

Size matters:

This product comes in 2 different sizes: standard and grand. The standard one is 6 inches less wide than a grand one. You can choose according to your body types and choice.

Backrest positions:

You can set the top-quality stadium seat at 6 different reclining points. This helps to sit on it in the different occasion at your necessary angle. The armrest provides the maximum comfy while sitting in this reclining seat. You can also adjust this padded armrest.

Storage facility:

This reclining seat has extra large hidden back pocket to keep things stored and make your hands free. 


This lightweight Naomi Home Venice reclining seat is easy to fold and carry to different places. The backpack-style shoulder straps let you prepare this item for carrying on travel.

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of this excellent reclining seat for bleachers:


  • Lightweight, almost 7 pounds
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Washable long-lasting polyester cushion
  • 2 sizes: standard & grand
  • 6 reclining points
  • Extra-large back storage
  • The folded seat takes little space
  • Backpack style shoulder straps for transport


  • Straps may feel weak sometimes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Naomi Home Venice Portable Seat

People who have used or are interested in this reclining seat, often have these types of frequently asked questions:

1: The purple one is pictured without arms but the description says “with armrests.” We are looking for one without armrests.

Answer: It has armrests but the armrests can be lowered to be part of the seat or up to use. You’d never know they were there when they are lowered. It just becomes part of the seat, flat. I have the blue one and the purple one.

2: how much does it weigh?

Answer: A little over 7 lbs.

3: How do you invert the arms?

Answer: lay it flat in the middle of arms push down very hard.

4: I need this seat for the armrests not for my back. My elbows have to be supported…are the armrests sturdy? 

Answer: I did buy this as a gift for someone – Even so, both the user and I find the armrests to be very sturdy.


Finding the best reclining seat for bleachers comes to a result when you get this Naomi Home Venice reclining the seat. This lightweight, folding seat is perfect for any occasion. Whether you are at field, park, theater or other places, this skid free seat will be your best companion. Different reclining positions and stylish look with good padding makes your time enjoyable with kids and favorite team. What more do you need now?

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